Our humble beginnings

In its early days, 3DM operated under the trademark name: Distribution Directe which was recognized as a leading direct mail company, serving clients with precision and efficiency. However, David, 3DM's founder, saw an opportunity to diversify and expand the company's horizons. In 1992, Distribution Directe made a strategic move into pharmaceutical sampling to Canadian Physicians, demonstrating the foresight and adaptability that would become the hallmark of our company's ethos.

-David Mizrahi | President

  • In its early days, 3DM was recognized as a leading direct mail company, under the name; Distribution Directe, serving clients in both USA and Canada.

  • In 1992, 3DM expanded into providing fulfillment services for the pharmaceutical sampling industry shipping contact lenses, and sample medicaiton to physicians across Canada.

  • In 2001, 3DM purchased it's first warehouse in the west island of Montreal. Thus expanding it's possibilities to reach new markets.

  • In 2013, with a shifting market towards e-commerce, 3DM sold off it's lettermail division and started offering it's services to E-Commerce companies around the world, under the name; 3DM Group.

  • In 2019, 3DM aquired a new A-Grade facility in Pointe-Claire, allowing for it's growth in both the Healthcare & E-Commerce fulfillment industry.

  • In 2021, 3DM partnered with Clickspace, a new concept offered in Montreal's Chabanel Garment District to offer affordable fulfillment to local entrepreneurs. Thus expanding it's footprint by 50,000 Square Feet in the east end of Montreal.

  • In 2022, 3DM expanded it's footprint by opening an order preparation center with a full electronics refurbishment lab just outside Montreal's west island, giving 3DM a greater reach to western Canada.